The Proposal

Proposal Story

Kevin and Faith had been dating for almost three years when Kevin (finally) decided to pop the question. He booked a New Year’s Eve Package at the Orchards Hotel in Williamstown, Massachusetts, with dinner, a comedy show, and dancing to ring in the New Year. The backdrop of a fireplace in their room at the Orchards was also just the setting he wanted for the proposal.
Already nervous when he picked Faith up from work that evening, the weather gave Kevin even more reason to be anxious when unexpected snow squalls made the hourlong drive through the mountain passes to Williamstown even more harrowing. Luckily, Faith did not notice Kevin repeatedly clutching his right coat pocket to make sure the ring was still there. They arrived just in time for dinner, breathed a huge sigh of relief, and happily joined the festivities.
After the dinner and comedy show, Kevin and Faith returned to their room to dress up for the midnight toast. Once they were ready to go out again, Kevin decided now was the right time for the proposal. In front of the fireplace, Kevin handed Faith what he said was the second part of her Christmas gift; 10 numbered envelopes each with a Kevin Koupon, which were lighthearted promises for ‘acts of service’ that Kevin would complete for Faith. Already familiar with Kevin Koupons from past Christmases, Faith happily opened each envelope to reveal her newly-acquired promises from Kevin. Finally, in envelope #10, Faith took out the final Kevin Koupon that said he would be her “Partner for Life,” and Kevin took out the ring and asked Faith to marry him. Despite Kevin forgetting to get down on one knee, Faith said “Yes!” They finally went back to the New Year’s Party to celebrate the New Year and the beginning of the rest of their lives.

Melanie Kosuge