Faith and Kevin

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Our Story

You just never know where you will find love...

Despite both growing up in the Albany area, and belonging to the same Filipino social circles, it took a one-year old’s birthday party for Faith and Kevin to finally meet. It was a warm, sunny day in June, when they were brought together for “Ethan’s First Rodeo” birthday party, the son of mutual friends, Leila and Ed. Leila, always excited to connect fellow runners, made it a point to introduce Kevin, newly-retired from marathoning, and Faith, who was just catching the marathoning bug.

Although Faith and Kevin both have happy memories of that June afternoon, they still debate the details of that first meeting. Faith remembers Kevin wearing a pink button-down shirt and jeans (he wore a blue shirt and khaki shorts). Kevin remembers Faith wearing a black business suit (she wore a striped, sleeveless shirt and white capri pants). While the details may be fuzzy, they both knew they had just met someone special. Little did Faith know that Kevin was already smitten. Still, it would take several months, and another chance encounter, for Kevin to finally work up the nerve to call Faith and ask her out.

They initially bonded over shared passions for food, travel and color-coded spreadsheets. It was however the way that Kevin stayed by her side coaching and cheering her through her first marathon that set him apart. As he took a vested interest in everything that was important to her, she realized she had found the number one fan and supporter of her life and someone worth taking the journey of life with.

For Kevin, it was Faith’s unique combination of confidence, grace, humility and kindness that he immediately noticed, and quickly fell in love with. Kevin realized that her love for him had taught him how to focus on the positive side of any situation, and the good in every person; not always an easy feat for him. As Faith showed him an unwavering and unconditional love, Kevin knew he had finally found the woman he was meant to be with.
Melanie Kosuge