Wedding Party

Alan Cruz

Maid of Honor

Otherwise known as "Man of Honor."
Alan is not only the Bride's older brother but also her best friend, confidant, and role model. She is forever grateful for the way he paved the way for her. Everything is achievable when your big brother shows you how it is done. He has always looked out for her and has her back. It is only fitting that she would want him to be by her side on her wedding day.

Myles Magbitang

Best Man

Myles is the Groom's older brother, and lifelong example-setter and sounding board. From letting little brother follow him around in grade school and high school, to picking him up in Manhattan for weekend trips to Long Island for Ralph's Italian Ice, haircuts and the Phil-Am store, Myles is the epitome of cool big brother.

Aidan Cruz

Ring Bearer

Aidan is the Bride's nephew, godson, and apple of her eye. His smile can melt her heart and get her to run marathons. He is an avid skier and swimmer. He is a true filipino because he loves to eat.

Sebastian Magbitang

Ring Bearer

Sebastian is the Groom's favorite nephew. A kindhearted and gracious boy who loves his little sister Eloise, he can't wait for visits to his Tito's house so he can chase him around the house and play hide-and-seek.

Adianna Cruz

Flower Girl/Child

Adi is the Bride's beautiful niece, and the best little sister to Aidan. She loves to dance and ride ponies. She also loves taking selfies with her Auntie and beating her at every game they play.

Eloise Magbitang

Flower Girl/Child

Eloise is the Groom's favorite niece. A confident and free-sprited girl, she loves to sing and dance, and lights up the room wherever she goes.
Melanie Kosuge